Product Review {L’Oreal Infallible Foundation & Mattifying Base}





Earlier this month I went ahead and purchased a new foundation and primer. I had heard great great things about L’Oreal’s Pro Matte Collection and decided to give it a try. I purchased the L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation in the shade Cappuccino, and I also went ahead and got the L’Oreal Infallible Mattifying Primer.



Both products come in a squeeze tube which means you can control the amount of product you use (yay!) The foundation claims to be a full coverage foundation but I think its more of a medium cover foundation that can be built up to be full coverage. The finish is amazing, its matte but at the same time, my skin looks so smooth and velvety. There’s a bit of transfer but nothing too drastic and your face still looks intact. The Foundation promises 24 hours of wear, I’m not sure it lasts all that long but it lasts me a full work day.One thing I really love about this foundation is that it doesn’y make my face look orangey…I get that a lot with some other foundations so I usually have to do something else to counter that. The Infallible goes on like a dream, no orange at all. The only drawback (not really though) is that it does dry up a bit fast so you have to apply it one section of your face at a time. I apply it using a buffing brush, followed by a beauty blender brush just to make sure every is super blended. This product cost me N$150 in Edgars.



The Infallible Mattifying Primer is a silicone type consistency and goes on very smoothly. Also, a little really does go a long way. It is a decent enough primer, and does a good job of not only mattifying the face but also of creating a smooth canvas for your makeup. I only blot my face about two times during an 8-5 day (in the heat of summer, the African sun doesn’t play). For the price you do get a lot of product pay off. The price was about N$150-00 and that isn’t bad at all, I’d definitely buy this prooduct again.



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Flawless Foundation : A guide

flawless foundation1.jpg

Like any work of art, any masterpiece a flawless base is absolutely imperative. The same is true when it comes to your makeup.

So many times I’ve seen ladies flawlessy apply lipstick, mascara and all that but it either doesn’t stand out because their foundation is a mess, or something else crazy.

This post is gonna walk you through (picture a walk through a flower filled meadow.)how to ensure that you flawlessly apply your foundation, that it lasts and forms the perfect canvas.

Here’s what you will need:

Foundation steps

  1. A primer. The Kind of primer you use will depend on your skin, do you want to counter oiliness? smooth out large pores or just prime so your makeup stays longer. I have a super oily t-zone so I use this Mattifying primer from L’Oreal Paris.
  2. Concealer(s). I typically use two different shades of concealer. I use one that is darker than my skin to cover dark spots (sounds weird but it works), I use one that is a few shades lighter than my skin tone to lighten and brighten under my eyes. My favourite concealers are from LA Girl Cosmetics.
  3. Foundation (duh). Again, this will depend on your skin type, I typically use Oil free and mattifying foundations. Here I am using the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Rich Cocoa.
  4. Powders. These are used to set your foundation and your under eye highlight. I also prefer them when I contour my cheeks because I feel like the more cream based products I use, the more my face ends up looking like a melting pot of wax. In the picture is the Contour Palette by Beauty Treats.
  5. Highlighter! This is one of my favourite parts of doing my makeup. I love some sparkle! This is the Elf Cosmetics Baked Bronzer in Maui which I use to highlight. (Too light to work as a bronzer for my skin).
  6. Foundation brushes. Your tools are so important, a good brush ensures a good finish. You can also use a Beauty sponge if you like but I love how my Real Technqiues Buffing brush applies foundation so I’m good.


So first of all you want to start with a clean, moisturized face. Then you apply your primer, making sure not to apply too much, and making sure to pat it nicely into your skin. Next I dab a bit of concealer on any dark spots, slightly blending it out. Then I like to apply my foundation by first placing it on the back of the brush and then applying it in sections by dabbing the brush into the foundation. You wanna take your time with blending here, really work your foundation in until you cant tell where your makeup free skin starts and where the foundation starts. You also want to make sure you blend it well into your neck, under your china nd into your hair line (the mask look is not cute).

Next you wanna take your concealer (lighter) and apply it to your under eye are, you can use a brush or a sponge. Just make sure you blend it out well. Then you set this with a translucent powder. Next, I usually contour my cheeks with a dark podwer.=, followed by my highlight along my cheek bone. I bring everything together by using setting it all firstly with a setting powder, then spraying my face all over with a setting spray.

That’s it. It’s really easy, and there is no need to fear foundation like the big bad monster! Have fun creating Masterpieces!

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Valentines Day with Adore Me!

A (wise) friend of mine once said that when you wear pretty, matching underwear, the world is a thousand times better. I totally agree! Underwear is definitely one of my most favourite clothing items.

It’s like a sensual secret… one that only you know about, one that only you feel. A woman with a secret, sexy mystery about her… what is sexier than that?!

The greatest thing about underwear is the unparalleled variety. From the overly sexy, to the comfortable, to the granny vibes… there is a fit for all! In fact your underwear can even speak volumes about your mood… feeling sexy? Then some lace is definitely up your alley! Having a frumpy, I-just-wanna-eat-icecream-and-watch-sex-and-the-city-reruns kinda day? Then some comfortable no frills underwear works perfect.

This Valentines, I decided to put together a head-to-toe look featuring some FABULOUSLY SEXY underwear from Adore Me which is an online store. They also feature some deliciously beautiful lingerie which you can check out here:

Here’s a look at what  I put together:

FIRSTLY: THE FOUNDATION… Feeling Good starts here


I am a hopeless and absolute romantic at heart so Valentines Day for me is every shade of red, pink and white! I absolutely adore this Marlena Unlined Demi Bra & Panty Set. First of all the lace… sexy, super sexy and just classy an elegant. The style of it is a comfortable yet sexy style so that’s another 10 points, finally the design is so cute with those tassles! This particular set is available in Red and Black.

“Lingerie is my next love after clothing; I think it is what is worn underneath that really inspires a woman to feel beautiful in her clothes – that inner, secret glamour.”
¬Alice Temperley


Now for the outfit:

BeFunky Collage.jpg


I am a firm believer that sexiness is an attitude and not so much about your clothes (Remember how Rihanna wore a yellow blanket dress but still looked sexy AF???) So my style, especially for a date night is very minimal, clean and chic. I am clearly obsessed with lace and I think a lace crop top paired with a lace pencil skirt in all white is simply stunning. It whispers “Look at Me” in the most regal of ways. I’d pair this with a nude pair of high heeled court shoes, a clutch with a bit of sparkle (Because you’ve always got to SHINE Honey!!).

Accessories I’d also keep to a minimal, just the necessities… watch, pearl studs or (if you are more daring middle sized hoop earrings). I’d pair all of this with a smokey eye, smoked to perfection and a chocolate brown lip… I recommend Limbo, an Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick by Colour Pop.

                                                “Lingerie is that inner, secret glamour.”
¬Alice Temperley


Embracing your body, and embracing how beautiful you  look in lingerie or underwear is the half the journey to attaining that next level of sexy confidence…knowing who you are and that is knowing you are fabulous!





DIY: Shea & Cocoa Butter Body Cream


This is an easy recipe for your very own body cream that just nourishes your skin, keeps it looking healthy and glowing, does away with greasiness and leaves you  (in the words of Queen B) feelin’ yourself!

Here’s a bit of context, After making it through winter and constantly fighting to stave off dry and cracked skin, I was at a point where I needed something better, something that works through the Summer and the Winter without me having to tweak it, change it or pay exorbitant prices. In comes Shea Butter. I’ve been using this miracle stuff for only like 8 months now, and previously only on my hair, which worked out great for my hair. Then I figured, why not whip up a mix for my skin, and what’s more I had some Cocoa Butter that I bought at the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town for about N$/R 55 for half a kilo. This mix was absolutely amazing, I love it, I’ve been using it for  a month and my skin has never felt better, it’s non-oily or greasy and it just works. period.

What you’ll need:

Unrefined Shea Butter

Cocoa Butter

Olive Oil

Your choice of essential Oil (I used Lemongrass)*

Basically I did not want to melt it down over the stove so I simply put it out in the sun and waited for it to become more soluble. Once it was slightly more workable, I mashed the cocoa butter in with the Shea butter, using a fork. I did that until it was all combined and mixed.  After that, I added the olive oil and whipped it all together till it started forming peaks and looked smooth and creamy. At this point I added my Lemongrass Oil for fragrance (I absolutely hate the smell of raw cocoa butter so I needed to mask it.) I whipped it for a little while longer and that was it. Done.

I poured it into a mason jar that I had lying around, tied a pretty ribbon on it and I was done.

*If you don’t mind the smell of the Cocoa Butter or the Shea Butter then you are more than welcome to leave out the essential oil.

**You can also add any other essential oil based on what you want it to do for your skin (e.g. stretchmarks, dryness, eczema).

If you are in Namibia then you can purchase all of these products at Hair Goddess Namibia

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25 Ticks On Your Quarter Life Crisis Checklist

This is so deeply amazing!


You dab that moisturizer on points of your face and apply it – slowly, silently – your eyes seemingly focused on that image of your face that is reflected in the mirror. It’s not about the effectiveness of this new product you’re trying that’s causing this blank stare though. In fact, your mind has gone haywire again with anxiety-provoking thoughts that have you unconsciously breathe deeply. That’s all you could do as you perform (for the nth time this year) a mental assessment of how you’re faring as a twenty-something adult in this fast and crazy world.

  • Have you gotten your dream job?
  • Have you tried pursuing (at least ) your dream job?
  • Have you opened a savings account in your name that really is for “saving”?
  • Do you consider yourself independent? Responsible? In all aspects?
  • Are you pleased with your current job? Does it give you fulfillment?
  • Have you…

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Oh so nude: How to get the perfect nude lip

So if you live in the Southern Hemisphere like I do, then you know, Summer is almost here!! Now when I think of summer makeup, I think of fresh dewy, glowy skin (So yes, lotz of bronzer), minimal makeup and sexy, sexy nude lips.

As a woman of colour, nude lips have escaped me (and quite a few of my sisters) so many times. I mean, who hasn’t had an ashy looking nude lip experience?? I finally figured it out and bam!!, I have perfect nude lips all the the time now!!

It’s really simple. First acknowledge that all of those lip colours labelled ‘nude’, ‘pink nude’ and friends, are never gonna work for darker skin tones. See nude means as close as possible to your skin tone, so those beige, pinkish, border line white colours… throw them away!

If you have brown skin like I do, then this is what you need to do: Get yourself a brown (think chocolate) lip liner. If you have some discoloration on your lips, then get a liquid concealer of your choice (I use LA Girl Pro Concealer in Chestnut), get a brown lipstick (Or any other shade of brown that matches your skin tone!!!), and if you like, a coppery or brown tinted lip gloss… Like so:


So this is what you wanna do, start with clean, moisturised lips. I use Labello’s Vanilla and Macadamia lip butter to moisturise my lips.

Next I apply a little bit of concealer on my lips, to even out the discoloration on my lips (the discoloration is evident from the picture below):


Next I line my lips with a chocolate brown lip liner, I use one from Rimmel cosmetics that I bought ages ago. After lining my lips, I apply some lipstick to my lips, smack ’em together a couple of times, slap on some of Wet n Wild’s Mega Slick’s lip gloss in copper, and voila, I am good to go!!

The neat thing about doing it this way, especially when you use concealer, is that you can switch up your nude a bit. Here is what I mean, I used three different lipsticks to achieve three different nude lips, I used MAC Fresh Moroccan which is a frosty finish lipstick, to create an orangey, coppery kind of nude lip… like so:


Then I used a nude lipstick from Inglot cosmetics, to create a typical, normal nude lip. This lipstick is very matte so if you want to keep it matte then skip the lip gloss at the end.


Finally I used a Givenchy lipstick  which is a pinkish/peachish toned colour lipstick, with a creme sheen finish. This I love, it gives me a very rosy, pinky, lip that is not ashy, not white looking:


There you have it lovelies. Now go out into the world and serve!!!


The Ten Things Every Woman Must Have Realized at 25


You are at the point in your life where and when you feel that you are 100% an adult. You earn your own money, you support your family, you pay your bills (and have consistently done it on time), you clean your own apartment, you buy your own groceries, you create life-changing thoughts and decisions in your shower (or in the loo, your choice), you do your laundry, you (try to) manage your schedule (juggling work, family, love and recreation) and you are 25.

And then there are moments in being in this quarter of a century that you understand you are at least a little wiser than yesterday and so much more than 365 days ago. You’ve learned that:

1. Family is everything. This is something you’ve heard countless times from your parents and other grownups when you were just a few feet old but you’ve really learned its…

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Essence cosmetics All About Matt Foundation Show & Tell

Hello All you beautiful people out there!

So you guys know this about me, I am always on the look out for the most budget friendly, yet amazing beauty products. Like I literally just trawl shops looking for the next big thing in cheap beauty.

So last week, I decided to try out a new FOUNDATION!! Its by Essence cosmetics and is from their All About Matt range. I have seen this foundation plenty of times and walked past it simply because they never had any shades for us chocolate ladies. So when I saw they had some chocolate friendly shades, I grabbed both shades that I saw, Mahogany and Caramel. I wasn’t sure which shade would work for me so I got both.

So here is the tea on this Foundation…

1. It is so matte, I love this. I have been using it without a mattifying primer, only a normal silicone primer but I still get that matte look that lasts for hours.

2. It is genuinely long-lasting. If my skin wasn’t so oily I am pretty sure it could last the professed 12 hours.

3. The cover is sheer to medium, which is okay for me as I don’t really require a lot of coverage. I wouldn’t confidently say it is buildable because you might just end up with a cake face (not sexy!!).

4. It is super affordable, like I paid N$68-00 for it in Clicks. That if y’all don’t know is affordable spelt in money!!

I figured all this would be too good to believe so I have the picture evidence (Think #twitpic so we know it’s real):


So these are a few snaps of me before I applied any makeup, I literally  just washed my face, applied moisturizer and some lip butter to my lips (Shout out to Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Products)

IMG-20150711-WA0004 IMG-20150711-WA0005

This is after I had applied the foundation (Mahogany was the best match, Caramel was too light…) and hooked up my brows (though they were being extremely unruly). I applied some LA Girl Pro Concealer in Toffee under my eyes as I was being that girl with the dark circles (eek!) I applied a mixture of a nude MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lip glass and Elizabeth Arden’s Lipgloss in Rose Gold to my lips.

IMG-20150711-WA0009 IMG-20150711-WA0003IMG-20150711-WA0010

Then I got carried away and decided to add some colour and by colour I only mean this Wet n Wild lipstick called Sugar Plum Fairy and a little bit of blush to my cheeks. I wasn’t doing a full face makeup tutorial or anything so my makeup is super minimal, I don’t even have mascara on!!

So there you have it lovelies, We HEART Essence cosmetics All About Matte Foundation. Here is a picture of the product:


* I teamed this foundation with the Gosh Cosmetics Silicone Primer.

** Essence cosmetics are available in WIndhoek at Clicks Stores and Dis-Chem Stores.

50 Shades of Purple

Hello lovelies!

So I finally heeded the call! This post showcases a purple themed makeup look that I did on myself. Sadly my camera is not the best, but I did my best.

Side view... Feeling all kinds of sun-kissed.

Side view… feeling all kinds of sun-kissed.

Purple is definitely one of my favourite colours when it comes to makeup. And contrary to popular belief they compliment darker skin tones extremely well.

My eyebrows must please be excused in these images, I am only scheduled for a wax next week even though my unibrow is threatening to reveal itself. I did not add extra to my brows, they are this thick naturally… I just filled them in and darkened them a little bit.

Front view

Front view of my makeup.

I know my round cheeks call for like severe contouring but I don’t know I just wasn’t feeling it all that much so I just did a light contour.

Products used!

Products used!

Here is a list of all the products I used;

1. Wet n Wild Brow Kit

2. LA Girl Pro Concealer in Chestnut for my brows

3. Gosh Cosmetics Classic primer

4. Black Opal Oil Free liquid foundation in Hazelnut

5. NYX eyeshadow base

6. Design Purple Eyeshadow palette

7. T-mart 88 colour eye shadow palette

8. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

9. LA Girl Concealers to highlight

10. Rimmel foundation in Mahogany to contour

11. Revlon face powders

12. Sleek cosmetics lip pencil in Raisin

13. Maybelline lipstick in Hot Plum and MAC Cyber

12. Avon cosmetics setting spray

Hope this was fun for some of you guys. Talk soon.