I’m moving!


Hey lovelies!

This is a very short post to let you guys know that after months of work and praying for things to happen, I am moving my blog! In fact the blog got an extreme makeover, name, face, everything and let me tell you guys… she is looking mighty fine.

You can link to the new blog here…it’s called Lipstick and Afros and will launch in a few days.

This new and improved blog definitely represents a change in my blogging journey. I started this blog in 2013 simply because I like sharing beauty tips and it wasn’t really a thing…now it’s like a whole little beauty planet where I get to interact with beauty lovers from around the world which I absolutely love.

So cheers to more blog posts, beauty tips and more interacting!


One thought on “I’m moving!

  1. Hi there, but i dont understand why you don’t do hair tutorials. Your hair looks amazing. Please make one :). Btw im a huge fan of your site. I wish we had more namibian bloggers. I plan to move my blog to a much nicer platform as well pretty soon.

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