Making the most of your face mask



Hi Lovelies

It’s been a minute. I know some of you were expecting a review on the L.A. Girl Nudes Eye shadow palette but… at the last minute I decided to do this post instead because I’ve kinda been feeling bleh about constantly doing product reviews because I reckon there’s more to beauty blogging than just that.

I posted a while ago about face masks and I thought I’d do another post, more focused on how to really get the most out of your face mask. This is obviously all based on my own experience and I am not a professional or anything so if you disagree with anything I say or do, that is absolutely fine. This is me sharing how I get the most from using my masks.

First of , I am of the opinion that masks are for like next level cleansing or moisturising or whatever, so I always start with a clean face, no makeup or like the everyday kinda dirt. To do this, I cleanse my face using my facial cleanser and my face wash. As you might know, I use the Sorbet Pore Your Heart Out Facial Cleanser and an ever changing number of Ponds’  face washes.


After that I apply the face mask using my Sorbet Cleanser and their latex sponge (which I only recently discovered). The thing about using the sponge is that you can literally squeeze some product onto it and apply it on your face without making a huge mess. Also because of the mechanical head, there’s a more even distribution of the product over your face.


Finally I settle in with a good book and let the mask do its thing for about 15-20 min and I rinse off.


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