Body Oil Goodness {Lipidol Body Oils Review}


Hey Lovelies!

If you follow me on my Social Media then you’ll know that last month I was super excited to purchase Lipidol Body Oils and in Clicks right here in Windhoek too!! I personally am a big fan of body oils and body butters, in fact I prefer to use these on my skin (lotions and creams are a no for me). In fact I use my DIY Shea Butter Body Cream all year round, you can read how I make it here . I love Vitamin E Oils, and I think to date my favourite oil is the Johnson and Johnson Tissue Oil.

So… back to Lipidol. These oils are made by the same company that makes Bio-Oil. I hadn’t watched any reviews or anything before buying them, I just like oils and am always looking to get new ones. I bought the Lipidol Cleansing Oil as well as the Lipidol After Shower Oil. The packaging is typical of any body oil- plastic, transparent cylindrical bottles. The Cleansing oil has this heavenly lime smell which I cannot get enough of, whilst the After shower oil has no fragrance which I think is a good thing.


The Cleansing Oil does a decent job of cleaning the body, my only thing is that it struggles to lather up when you use it with body gloves like I do. You’ve gotta first lather it up  with your bare hands first then proceed to actually wash yourself with your gloves/sponge/whatever you use. The After shower oil is great, nothing wrong with it but if you live in a place as dry as Windhoek then you know you got to mix it with something like Vaseline because your skin will start to feel dry and of course that’s not the product but the weather. Of course on the more humid days that isn’t a problem but with winter coming up it will definitely be required.


I am actually thinking of mixing up my oil with some Shea butter when I mix up my next batch of body butter…I’ll be sure to let you guys know how that goes.

I would probably buy these products again, but I still prefer my Johnson and Johnson Tissue Oil and my Shea Butter mix. These are decent products and for the price I guess it’s not so bad, but I wouldn’t brave a long queue in Clicks for them again.


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