Everyday Work Glam

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Hey Lovelies!

This post is all about workplace makeup. I really think it is important for one to be properly put together at work. Especially where you are in a profession that requires you to meet and interact with different people all the time. That being said, you also don’t want to overdo it… You don’t want your makeup being the focal point, nor do you want lashes or glitter falling all over the place.

That being said I took some photos of m typical everyday makeup that I wear to work, its very toned down, and not too flashy. What’s also great about this look is that it can easily transition, so if I have to go to say drinks after work, I can easily switch it up and basically glam it up.



Basically this look is my foundation routine which you can read about here . I add a very subtle lipstick, usually a nude mixed with a plum colour (because we still need an element of glam). I don’t apply any eye shadow because I find it gets in my way at work. I also don’t apply lashes ( I really just don’t have time or patience in the mornings). The key aspects of a work look are flawless foundation, clean, well-groomed eyebrows,  subtle lipstick with a bit of a pop and that’s about it.




7 thoughts on “Everyday Work Glam

  1. This is so me. I do simple yet elegant makeup for work. No highlighting, no contouring. Just foundation, blush, mascara and lipstick, usually nude as you mentioned. On Fridays I’ll wear a colored lippie and thats about it. Loved this.

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