{Product Review} Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Colour



This has got to be one of my most favourite products on earth… I am not exaggerating! The Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Colours give new meaning to long lasting lipstick y’all. Okay let me start from the beginning.

In about 2014, late 2014 I happened to come across the Wet n Wild Cosmetics stand in Clicks, now being a liker of things, I decided to stop by and see if there was anything I could buy. I picked up a Mega Last Lipstick in the colour Sugar Plum Fairy, it cost me about N$45-00. The packaging wasn’t the most exciting (Like it really wasn’t) but I was ready to try this matte lipstick that promised hours of wear.

So I tried it, the texture and consistency was creamy, and actually moisturising, the colour was really pigmented and the colour I had picked showed up so well on my dark skin… I was feeling all types of ways. lol. I wore it non-stop for about two weeks before deciding to go back and get more colours…it was seriously needed at this point.


The variety of colours that the range provides is really large and really caters for all tones of skin. The colours in the picture are my favourite. Sugar Plum Fairy is like a plum colour that is a little dark, shows up so well on dark skin. Mauve Outta Here is a really out there pink, I haven’t dared to wear it in all its glory yet, I usually pair it with a toned down lip liner or a brown/nude lipstick. Mocha-Licious is one of my current favourites, its a nude brown with a little bit of what seems like a coral undertone. Raivin raisin is also a berry/plum colour that has a hint of brown in it. I love this colour so much you guys. Cherry Bomb is also a plum /berry shade but is darker and appears a liitle more vampy (Can you tell, I love plum/berry). Finally red velvet is what it is… a red lipstick but it has a hint of coral but its not overwhelming and goes well with my dark skin.


The thing that makes these colours so amazing is that they actually do last… I can eat with one of these on and still have perfect lipstick. I have fallen asleep with  Sugar plum Fairy on and woken up with purple/plum lips still (Yes, it was one of those nights… sue me). Basically you really get a lot of wear time from these, flimsy packaging or not, the product gets a ten star rating from me.  Not to mention the price point, these are good lipsticks, in fact some of them even make good dupes for some of the higher end lipstick brands like MAC. Removing them isn’t as hard as one might imagine, a little coconut oil or olive oil (or any oil) on your lips then just wipe it of with a cotton pad.

I’d definitely recommend these to you guys anyday.



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