Sorbet ‘Pore Your Heart Out’ {Facial Cleanser}



I jumped onto the facial cleanser bandwagon you guys!! Facial cleansers have become all the range with women and beauty overs all over the world. I have been wanting to get my hands on one but none of the shops here in Windhoek actually stock them. I had a brief delusional moment where I contemplated getting the Clarisonic Facial Cleanser (The price converted came to about N$ 3000.00). Thank goodness I walked into Clicks and saw that they stocked the Sorbet ‘Pore your heart out’ facial cleanser! Guys when I tell you I braved a ridiculously long queue to get this item, I don’t say it lightly. For some reason the best stocked Clicks in Windhoek also happens to be the one that always has a queue that goes all the way out the shop!

I purchased the facial cleanser for N$300.00 which I think is a score when you consider the price range of most facial cleansers. The packaging was rather cute and very much what you’d expect from Sorbet. I picked up the facial cleanser in a light blue colour.


The facial cleanser is a mechanical cleanser that comes with three different brush heads, a stand to place it in, and a USB charging cable. The one brush head is for daily cleansing (white and grey in the picture), the second one is a silicone brush head that is meant for those with sensitive skin. The last brush head is an exfoliating brush that is meant for deep cleansing.



Let me tell you guys how amazing this product is!!! Oh my word, the brushes are gentle enough to not be overly abrasive, yet they get the job done amazingly. I use the daily cleansing brush twice a day and it is not in any way too abrasive on my skin. I use the exfoliating brush once a week. I usually first start by removing my makeup with my Garnier Micellar Water and a cotton pad,I then wet my face with water and apply my everyday facial wash directly onto the brush.Then I press the on button and just circulate it all over  my face, taking care to avoid the sensitive eye area for the recommended time of 20 seconds.



I remove the brush head and rinse it clean with water and more face wash after I’m done and replace the facial cleanser in its stand. The stand has handy compartment for storing the brush heads that you aren’t using. Charging with this product is so easy, yo literally plug the USB cable into the cleanser and then pop it into the computer. One full charge gives you about 3 hours of battery life which if you follow the recommended time of 20 seconds per cleanse will last you a long time. I’d definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a really easy and efficient way of cleaning their face.

“Darling, when things go wrong in life, you lift your chin, put on a ravishing smile, mix yourself a little cocktail…”
― Sophie Kinsella


4 thoughts on “Sorbet ‘Pore Your Heart Out’ {Facial Cleanser}

  1. Got myself one of those and my skin is loving it. I use the exfoliating brush for my oily T-zone and in the process I have seen a reduction of white heads on my nose….. Looove it

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