Africa Organics- Baobab Shampoo & Conditioner // Natural Hair Review


Here’s my thing, it’s quite annoying when I watch Youtube hair videos which are made mainly by American Youtubers, using products that are mostly not easily available here in Namibia, or even most parts of Africa. Like I remember the first time I tried to do a wash-n-go. I had seen a video where the Youtuber used Eco-styler gel and some other products. I being of course unable to find those exact products decided to pick up any old gel (as long as it was alcohol free) and all that. It was a fail. My hair looked like a wet bird’s nest collided with a bush. Never again.

So I’ve really embarked on a quest to find natural hair products that are proudly African, easily available and offer the same pay-off (in terms of quality, affordability, etc) as the American brands.

So, Dis-Chem and a few other places have become my holy grail stores when I go shopping for natural hair products. For the most part, they stock a wide range of natural-hair friendly products and do so at affordable prices. I recently purchased this Shampoo and Conditioner set from Dis-Chem for about N$/R100 and I was quite eager  to start using it.

It is called the Africa Organics Baobab Shampoo and I got the Conditioner as well. While I was in the store I noticed that they actually have a varied range of products that include a Marula Shampoo & Conditioner.

The shampoo is obviously sulphate free and all of that good stuff. I think that for the price, you do get quite a bit of product, (210ml for N$/R 50). I mean its not a whole tub and a half but I think it’s reasonable. The conditioner works, it does what it has to do. I’d have to say though that the only disappointing thing for me is the lack of fragrance… I mean I obviously can’t expect a Baobab to have any kind of fragrance though so I’m probably just being extra. The whole range of products is certified as Natural and Organic which is great because I’m really not about that extra life (lol). For the past few months all I’ve used for my hair is Shea butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Water. So I’m all about less is more, natural is better.

The conditioner also contains extracts of Rooibos…which for my international readers is a plant whose leaves are used to make what is essentially an herbal tea that is ridiculously popular in Southern Africa (Team Rooibos, yay!). Rooibos Extracts have long been known for the great benefits they provide for heart, skin and face, and hair too, so that is a major plus. I personally have noticed my hair is soft, nothing too drastic. I’d say overall its good enough for the price you pay.

Next time I think I’ll go for the Marula based products. Those sound super promising and also, anything that has Marula is always a winner.

You can read up more on the Africa Organics Line of Products here:

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