Oh so nude: How to get the perfect nude lip

So if you live in the Southern Hemisphere like I do, then you know, Summer is almost here!! Now when I think of summer makeup, I think of fresh dewy, glowy skin (So yes, lotz of bronzer), minimal makeup and sexy, sexy nude lips.

As a woman of colour, nude lips have escaped me (and quite a few of my sisters) so many times. I mean, who hasn’t had an ashy looking nude lip experience?? I finally figured it out and bam!!, I have perfect nude lips all the the time now!!

It’s really simple. First acknowledge that all of those lip colours labelled ‘nude’, ‘pink nude’ and friends, are never gonna work for darker skin tones. See nude means as close as possible to your skin tone, so those beige, pinkish, border line white colours… throw them away!

If you have brown skin like I do, then this is what you need to do: Get yourself a brown (think chocolate) lip liner. If you have some discoloration on your lips, then get a liquid concealer of your choice (I use LA Girl Pro Concealer in Chestnut), get a brown lipstick (Or any other shade of brown that matches your skin tone!!!), and if you like, a coppery or brown tinted lip gloss… Like so:


So this is what you wanna do, start with clean, moisturised lips. I use Labello’s Vanilla and Macadamia lip butter to moisturise my lips.

Next I apply a little bit of concealer on my lips, to even out the discoloration on my lips (the discoloration is evident from the picture below):


Next I line my lips with a chocolate brown lip liner, I use one from Rimmel cosmetics that I bought ages ago. After lining my lips, I apply some lipstick to my lips, smack ’em together a couple of times, slap on some of Wet n Wild’s Mega Slick’s lip gloss in copper, and voila, I am good to go!!

The neat thing about doing it this way, especially when you use concealer, is that you can switch up your nude a bit. Here is what I mean, I used three different lipsticks to achieve three different nude lips, I used MAC Fresh Moroccan which is a frosty finish lipstick, to create an orangey, coppery kind of nude lip… like so:


Then I used a nude lipstick from Inglot cosmetics, to create a typical, normal nude lip. This lipstick is very matte so if you want to keep it matte then skip the lip gloss at the end.


Finally I used a Givenchy lipstick  which is a pinkish/peachish toned colour lipstick, with a creme sheen finish. This I love, it gives me a very rosy, pinky, lip that is not ashy, not white looking:


There you have it lovelies. Now go out into the world and serve!!!



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