Winter Makeup essentials 2015

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WInter is here !!! Well at least in Southern Africa it is. Now I am a winter baby, I love the cold, I love winter makeup, winter outfits, I love it all.

Now there is a trick to making it through winter all happy and comfortable… especially when it comes to your makeup.

We all know that winter and cold = dry, flaky skin. This is not sexy or cool in any type of way. Luckily, there is an easy fix to all of this. I have listed below some of the products that are a staple for me in winter. Enjoy!

1. Bio-Oil body oil.

I use this all over my body because I find that normal lotions and creams leave my skin all dry and uncomfortable. Bio-oil is non-greasy and moisturizes skin incredibly well. I even use it in place of my normal facial moisturizer (and its so non-greasy my super oily skin loves it!)

2. A great bronzer and a great blush

See when your face is exposed to dry cold winds and really harsh winter weather, not only does it become dry, it becomes haggard looking. What I mean by this is that you lose that glow and dewiness that one is accustomed to in summer. SO to counter this, a great bronzer applied correctly allows you to glow like the goddess you are despite the cold. A blush for added colour is of course necessary to just give that look of life and freshness to your face.

MAC Raizin blush is really great, especially if you have darker skin like I do.

Black Opal has this amazing bronzer set that just caters for all skin tones. love it!

3. Conditioning lip balm

I cannot stress how important this is. Dry, chapped lips are not pretty. And its always a good idea to wear a lip balm under a lipstick… even if the lipstick is ‘hydrating’. Save yourself the pain of dry, chapped lips and stock up on a good balm. My lifetime favourite is the DCT Blistex. It’s amazing.

4. Vampy lips hunnay!

Fall and winter weather means you can shamelessly bring out those dark lippies. I love dark lipsticks, berry colours, vampy colours, I love them all. I am currently abusing Cyber by MAC, and Sugar Plum Fairy by Wet ‘n WIld.

Hope this was helpful. Let me know what you guys think as always.



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