MAC Art of the lip

Hello my lovely readers

I recently attended the launch of the MAC store here in Windhoek (yay!!!). The whole event was greatly organised, the food was good (and plentiful), drinks flowed, the entertainment was amazing and the set up of the entire thing was just really great.

Now, if you are a makeup lover like myself, Namibian shops barely cater for you… I mean we have all the basics like your normal drugstore brands, and a few high end brands, but even then all the lines in store are quite limited and often poorly stocked. So I was quite excited that MAC launched here because I figured they would have a standard MAC counter. Sadly I was greatly disappointed… they also have limited products, I actually just stick to the online store but hey, we have MAC, so that’s something.

Anyway, back to the launch… They had some MAC artists doing lip makeup all night, they had a really fun photo booth and my favourite part… an artist doing sketches of MAC lips, LOVED it!!

Here are some snaps from the evening:


  The event poster. I love all the colours and just how fun, flirty and sexy it is!

20150417_074526 Some of the props from the photo booth. Yes! I shamelessly took some of these home with me, they were too cute.


        My big juicy MAC lips, custom painted for me!!


Oh and we also got free lipglasses from the Lady Gaga collection. The colours I got were a Viva glam pink one and a nude one. I’m not the biggest fan of MAC lipglasses, I prefer Elizabeth Arden ones, but I have been forcing myself to use these so I will post a review soon.

So yeah…MAC is in Namibia lovelies, have fun, talk soon!



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