Get your body together…the Fun way: CIRCUIT TRAINING!


Hi all you lovelies!

Today’s post is on my new found love, Circuit training! Yeah, I bet y’all didn’t think I worked out huh?

Well I do, as of the beginning of this month, and I love it!

So, circuit training, what is it you ask?

Well… Circuit training is basically short bursts of resistance exercise using moderate weights and frequent repetitions, followed quickly by another burst of exercise targeting a different muscle group. (Thank you WebMD :))

The best thing really is that you get to work all sorts of muscles in a relatively short period of time. The circuit I do, is timed at 30 minutes, and let me tell you it is intense, but I get to work my bum, thighs, arms, abs… everything. I love it! We have about  machines in the circuit and one spends up to one or two minutes on the machine, then you either jog on a pad, plank, step, squat, do some high kicks… you get the idea. You do this non-stop for thirty seconds.

And the time of it all, like I am finding myself so busy this year, and just finding that time to work out is a mission and a half. Thirty minutes I can definitely do.

So I try to do the circuit at least twice a week, then I attend one of the many classes offered. My favourite class is the ball and shape class which is really good for strengthening your core.

Has anyone ever done circuit training? What are your thoughts?


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