Fab February Buys

Hello lovelies!

How fast is this year flying by? We are already in month three! I have been so busy (again), but I am committing myself to posting more often.

So in February, I fell in love with some amazing amazing products, some are old favourites, some I tried out for the first time and just loved. As most of you know, my mantra when it comes to beauty is AFFORDABLE beauty. I don’t mind splurging on makeup every now and then but I really am not trying to spend a tonne of money on makeup. So I go out in search for good quality, affordable makeup, that can be compared or is in some cases even better then the High end stuff. Here’s what I found in Feb:


This Matte Blush Palette by Beauty Essentials. It cost me about N$80.00 and I love it. The palette caters for all sorts of skin tones… really fair to really dark. My favourite so far is the one in the top right corner. I’m not sure what the colour is called but it has a really nice pink tone that is very very complimentary to my brown skin.



I also love the makeup base from Essence Cosmetics, it’s called All About Matt! It retails for about N$65-00. I love this product beyond hey! It has a gellish consistency that dries on your skin and just mattifies your skin, creating a super awesome canvas for the rest of your makeup. Be careful not to apply too much of it, else it won’t dry and will just kinda rub off.

Then my usually loves… LA Girl Concealers, I don’t know how the whole world isn’t raving about these, they are awesome beyond! These give me life.

Next I have my Wet n Wild lippies. I bought two, in Sugar Plum Fairy and Cherry Bomb. Sugar Plum is a Plum (Go figure, lol) colour, and Cherry Bomb is more of a wine, red wine colour. They are both semi-matte and they last like all day. They retail for about N$45-00 and like this is a bargain!

Finally, my new love… LA Girl gel eyeliner. It retails for about N$65-00. It has the greatest consistency and doesn’t dry out at all, it glides onto your skin effortlessly, and it is like smudge proof… so yes, no accidental eye rub formed against it shall prosper!!!

Hope this was helpful to you guys!! I will be back soon, with a post on my favourite natural hair products soonest!

Love, Light & Makeup



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