Work face? Glam face hunnnnay!!!

Hello my lovelies!!

Hope you are all well and fabulous! So I have been absent lately and I apologise immensely for that but here is what happened… I finished law school (Yay me!!), moved from Cape Town back home to Namibia, and I started a new job. So yes it has been a bit crazy for me. But I have somewhat settled in and everything is flowing and all that.

So I started as a candidate attorney at a law firm in Windhoek and let me tell you how traumatised I was by my very casual, “student” wardrobe!!! I literally had two or three items of clothing that could be considered as appropriate for work…anyway that is a story for another day, suffice to say I have been having a lot of ‘make it work’ moments.


Moving on from clothes…I was actually at a loss when it came to my face. Work makeup. Is there even such a thing? I mean I didn’t want to have a look that said ‘turn up’ when I walked into a court room or consulted with a client…but at the same time I really didn’t want to have no glam at all! So I figured that I’m probably not the only person out there who has been in this kind of dilemma so I compiled a few things which will help you get the right work face…with all the necessary glam!

First things first..less is always more. Less however does not mean bland.

Maybe save the falsies (Lashes) for after work? I mean we all love lashes but a falsie malfunction at work would not be on (Glue loosens, lashes fall off)…you don’t want to be that girl!!

Glitter or shimmer really is a no go too…while you want to draw attention to yourself in the office, the best way to do this is through great work…not your make up. It also might come off as a little junior.

Neutral lip colours, pinks…these are your go to colours ladies.

Go easy on the eyeshadow…A soft neutral smokey eye will work…but use a light hand and careful with dark colours. Always go for polished, clean or neutral looks.

Keep your brows well groomed (but thats a fact of life).

And importantly…don’t forget to keep your beauty products at hand for a touch up! 

Till next time!




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