Meet the Brow(n)s!!!

Hello and Hi lovelies!

I must draw attention to the title of this post…So I decided to write about brows, then I thought of the movie Meet the Browns, and I was like oh dang, look at that!!

So yes, this post is all about brows, beautiful, sexy eyebrows and how to fill them in.

i love brows, I’ve got a really thick pair myself, I hated them for the longest amount of time because I just didn’t know what to do with them. Then I happened upon a brow shaping bar, a few Youtube tutorials and the rest as they say is HISTORY!

images (6)

Okay, here’s the thing, I just don’t trust people with messy brows…like its bougie, I know, but I’ve come to recognise that there is nothing worse than a perfectly made up eye framed by messy brows. Not everyone is born with the perfect set of brows, some are almost non-existent, others are extremely bushy and wolflike. I fall in the wolflike category and at first I hated my brows until I discovered what grooming brows was all about.

So here’s what I do, I get my brows threaded every couple of months or so (I did a post on that a while back) so they look neat and groomed. The brow lady (as I like to call her) always sticks to my natural shape and really only neatens my bushy brows, removing straggly hairs and such.

Because my brows are so thick, I rarely ever actually use a brow powder or pencil to fill them in, I just brush them up neatly with a brow brush or a spoolie and use concealer around them just to define them and help them stand out more. That is it and let me tell when I am done, my eyes are beautifully framed (even if I say so myself!)

Anyway this is what the process looks like in pictures:


All you really need is a brow kit (Gosh cosmetics has a really awesome one, I bought mine in Edgars for R150.00). If you can’t get your hands on one all you really need is a dark eyeshadow, preferably a dark brown over a black (of course this depends on the colour of your eyebrows), a brow pencil (You can get one in most shops, Clicks, Dis-chem, Edgars, anywhere that has a makeup counter really) a brow brush and some concealer.


This video shows you how to get the perfect brows:


And that’s it…it is that easy, so no more excuses ladies, get those brows!!!



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