Summertime and the livin’s easy

Summer is finally here!! Even Cape Town seems to have gotten the memo! I am excited, pretty dresses, fresh make up and lots of beach time! I love the summer! 

I thought I would do a post on summer time make up, particularly make up for those really, really hot days. Here’s my take on summer, its fun, fresh and the livin’ should definitely be easy so I absolutely can’t handle full make up or anything close to it. In the summer, I am all about light, natural, fun and fresh make up. Dark colours and dark lips should stay in the Fall and Winter months (Yes, even that Riri Talk that Talk…pack it away!!).


First thing, minimal foundation. If you stay in a really hot place like I do, there is nothing worse than feeling like your foundation is melting off your face. You don’t have to deal with that, use minimal foundation, just enough to cover up any imperfections that you want to hide, if you want you can even skip it and just dab on some powder.

Same goes for contouring and highlighting, maybe in the nighttime but it is such a drag in the day time for me, I absolutely hate the sticky feeling from all the sweating (‘coz 25-32 degrees celcius will have you sweating like crazy!!). Besides I’m all about that fresh, almost make up free natural looking kind of face.

That said, I stay away from dark eye shadows for my eyes…If I absolutely have to use a dark colour, I will use a navy blue or an olive green…anything but black. I love light blues and teals (Yes, done correctly they even work for dark girls like myself). Yellows and greens are also colours that will give you that pop of freshness.


I try not to do lipsticks in  the summer, I rather let my eyes have all the colour. If I do use lip colour it’s usually a nude colour (does that even count??hihi!!). Else I use tinted lip balms (in a nude colour again hahaha), lip balms and whatever just keeps my lips looking healthy and moisturized.

But if you do wanna use lip colour then use any light, pastel, or happy feeling colour. Stay away from the burgundies and deep reds. I always feel that dark lip colours in the summer make you feel old and tired (but that’s just me!).


Also while it can be tricky, I think a good bronzer should be one of your best friends this summer!

So stay pretty, throw on a little summer dress and live easy!!


-Till next time!



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