Walking in high heels- Tips & Tricks from the Stiletto Whisperer


I have to admit, high heels do to an outfit what Jay-Z does to any novice artist- Takes you to the top!! There is no better way to jazz up an outfit then adding a stunning pair of heels. Done right, high heels can elongate your legs, and give off the illusion (or not) of sculpted legs and calves. Done wrong however, high heels will have you walking (actually stumbling) like a new born giraffe- Tall. Gangly. Awkward.


So I compiled some tips and tricks from women all over, I even came across articles by a former shoe designer in New York by the name of Victor Chu AKA the Stilleto Whisperer who has a class that teaches women to walk in high heels in NYC. I hope this is useful to you guys.


I personally think its not just about walking in heels, but its about doing it gracefully and looking poised and not pained.

First of all, the most important thing before you even slip on that fabulous pair of heels is you have to have your confidence up. Confidence will enable you to weeerrrrk that pair of heels. 

If you’ve never worn heels before, it is advisable to not rock out a pair of 6 inch babies on your first go. Start small, and work your way up. If you absolutely insist on being sky high the first time, then I would suggest a thicker or chunkier heel, something that has a whole lot more support then a stilleto.

Next. It is super important to break in your new heels. Do not wait for your big night out to try them on for the first time. Try them on at home and walk around in  them, do all your chores whilst wearing them. This allows for your feet to get used to the shoes and for the shoes to soften up.


Next, you absolutely need good posture. When wearing high heels, you should stand straight up, so straight in fact that it should be as if though you were being pulled up wards by a string attached to the top of your head. It is also very important to relax! It is so easy to become tense especially around the knees and toes when wearing high shoes.

Glide. Don’t strut! Contrary to what the models on  the runways seem to be telling us, strutting is a sure fire way to take a tumble when wearing high heels. Take small steps, with your heel landing first, followed quickly by the rest of your foot. Don’t try to stomp your way anywhere. Also, sway your hips a little, it helps with balance and the entire glide factor. Let your arms swing a little too.

Be aware of the surface you’re walking on. Even a heel connoisseur could trip on a cobbled pavement if she’s not careful. Living in Cape Town, there are places you just wouldn’t wear high heels to, i.e. Green Market Square in the centre of town, Just.Don’t.Do.It. So always be aware and adjust yourself to your surroundings.

If you feel a little wobbly, don’t be scared to hold on to the railing or onto your handsome hunk! Trust me, holding on is so much better than falling down.

And finally, practice, practice, practice!! never has the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’ been more true!


Till next time lovelies 



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