Haul Time!!! Shiseido, Zoom, Givenchy, Sass Diva!!

Hey guys! 

This post is just to show y’all what I’ve bought over the past couple of weeks. I’ve been trying to be good about spending so this is as big as I’m splurging…all in the name of financial responsibility 😉



Heeled Sandals from Zoom Footwear. I bought them online for R299.00 and they were delivered (for free!!) the next day. You can also get them at the actual store.



88 colour eye shadow palette that I bought online from tmart.com. It came in a set with a set of brushes, I paid R220.00 for the set, shipping was free.



These are the brushes that came with the eye shadow palette from tmart.





The watch I bought in Milady’s for R150.00, I think it is so pretty. The bracelets which just happen to match the watch (yay!!!) I bought in Jet Mart for around R50.00

I bought all my Midi Rings from Sass Diva and paid R135.00 for all of them.



My lippies!!!

The clear lip gloss I bought at a sale at Dis-Chem for around R20, the brand is Be Chic which I have never heard off but hey, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it right?? 

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge that you can get at Stuttafords for just under R250.00

Mini Givenchy lipstick that I got for free when I bought some perfume. But you can get the full size one at any Edgars’ Store for around R250-R300.


M.O.D. nail colours that I also got at the Dis-Chem sale for around R20 each.


There you have it guys, my spoils for the month=)


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