Back to Basics Series: A beginner’s beauty arsenal!!!

Hello y’all!

So I am still doing the back to basics series, the response from you guys has been really great, so I’m quite excited! 

This install is about what beauty products one should have in their make up bag. These are I think the basics, not only for beginners, but also for people who use make up but not excessively and not everyday.

1. Foundation

Personally I believe you should always have foundation, regardless of whether you actually use it often. If you do use foundation a lot or your skin requires a lot of coverage then I suggest you get a high- end foundation like MAC or Bobbi Brown or something similar. If you don’t use foundation that often but still want a high-end brand, I would suggest the MAC studio fix powder plus foundation, I think its amazing. 



Alternatively, if you are looking for something more affordable, then I would suggest brands such as Black Opal (they have a really great stick foundation) or Revlon’s colorstay or their Nearly Naked range. Both of Revlon’s range’s provide great coverage but I personally feel that their colour range is limited and you might have to mix two different shades of foundation to get one that suits you.






2. Pressed Powder

Now if you are really dead set against using foundation, then I’d recommend you get a pressed powder. This is really great for evening out your skin tone if you have uneven skin tone, or if you have oily skin, a good powder can be applied to make your face look matte and oil-free. My favourite powder is the Clinique Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Sheer Brandy. It is a high end brand, but if you do want something more affordable then Revlon’s Photoready powders are also quite great. Pressed powders are also really great for setting foundation, so you would apply some of it on your face after applying foundation.




3. Concealer

Most people believe concealer is only useful for covering up blemishes, dark under eyes and uneven skin.  Concealer is actually also really great for highlighting your brow bone to provide some definition. I also use it for m eyebrows as this just defines them and really frames them well. I also use it for highlighting my face. Because I don’t highlight on a regular basis, I do choose to use drug store concealers, and my favourite is the Maybelline Fit Me liquid concealer. The LA Girl Concealer range is also quite good, but unfortunately my skin has a bad reaction to it.




4. Mascara

I am completely convinced that every girl should always have a good mascara. I wear mascara all the time, even if I have no other make up on. I just love the extra glam it gives my eyelashes and they frame my eyes so well. I think a basic and affordable mascara is the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. This mascara is a cult classic and I’m pretty sure it’s where every make up wearing girl started!




5. Makeup Brushes!!

For you to apply make up well, you absolutely need the right brushes to do so. Staple brushes in any make up kit, particularly a beginner kit are a powder brush for your face, an angled eye liner brush, a foundation brush, an eye shading brush for applying eye shadows and a blending brush. I did a post a couple months back on the different kinds of brushes, so y’all can just go back to that for a bit of a refresher.

6. Lipstick

If you are a beginner, I think it would be best to start off with colored lip glosses, just until you get more comfortable with using colour on your lips and choosing the right shade for you. My favourite colour gloss range at the moment is the Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour luminous lip gloss range. It is high end and quite pricey but I am in love with it and I think it is absolutely worth it. My favourite colour gloss from the range that I have been using for the past few months is Rose Gold, it’s almost a pinkish nude colour.




7. Eye liner and eye shadow palette

Every girl needs a great eye liner, just to frame your eyes, define them and just to make them pop. There are a lot of great eye liners out there, I personally prefer Kohl liners and MAC and Rimmel have great ones.

I am a firm believer in eye shadow palettes just because you have a whole lot of shades of the same colour and you can just see how they go with each other on the palette which helps you choose which ones go well together. In terms of palettes, I think the bigger the better. I currently use a generic 88 colour palette which I absolutely love.




So there you have it. Obviously people’s opinions will differ on what they think should be included, but these are the products I found useful when I started out with make up.

Till next time


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