Back to Basics series: Highlight and contour that face girl!!!!

So in the past, highlighting and contouring was something only celebrities really got into… but lately more and more women are joining in on the fun, and what fun it is!

Basically highlighting and contouring just involves highlighting and accentuating certain features in your face, while adding dimension into your face, sculpting certain features or even softening others.

So highlighting is used to make your features “pop”, making your face look fuller, brighter and really just healthier.

Contouring is the dimension adding part, softening certain features.

There are a whole lot of products that can be used for highlighting and contouring.

When it comes to highlighters, it is important that you choose one according to your skin tone. So basically go for a pinkish-toned highlighter if you’re fair, a champagne-colored one for medium skin tones, and a deep, bronzy formula if you have darker skin

You can use an under eye concealer or a luminizing lotion or even an actual highlighting powder itself. 

For contouring the idea behind it all is really just to add shadows in the places where shadows naturally fall, adding dimension and character!!

A matte powder or bronzer that is about two shades darker than your skin tone would be what you want to use. Some people prefer cream products, but if you are a beginner, a powder works better as it is easier to blend in.

Here is a diagram of all of the above:



I also found this really handy ‘cheat sheet’ online which has been a great help to me:



Finally as a side note, you don’t have to do the whole contour and highlight thing on a daily basis, this is what they would call a “full face” of make up. It can be your secret for all those special occasions!!

Till next time!


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