Geek Chic Baby!!!

So I admit I’ve been really bad at blogging the past couple of weeks, major major apologies! I blame life though… it has been quite hectic, in fact it still is, but I thought I’d write up a quick post during  my study break, and well here it is, hope it’s useful to you guys!

I have been wearing prescription glasses since I was about 10 or 11 years old. As I grew older and my parents refused to let me wear contact lenses, I kinda gave up hope of ever having stunning eye make up, mainly because I figured no one would see it behind my rather thick glasses.

Anyway fast forward a few years, I still wear glasses, but I wear contacts too so that kind of solved my eye make up conundrum. However there are just days where I am really not in the mood for my contacts but I end up wearing them anyway because I want to wear dark eyeliner without looking like I am sleep deprived.

I figured out a few tips and tricks that really make wearing make up easier and worth it when you wear prescription glasses, here are a few of them:

1. Groom your eye brows!

Glasses draw a lot of attention to your eyes and by default, your brows. so make sure they are well combed and shaped, they don’t have to be threaded to perfection or anything, they just have to be neat.


2. Don’t line your lower lash line

I was bummed about this at first, I mean, the lash line is the holy grail of eye make up.Lining the lower lash line just makes your eyes look tired. Truth is, lining the upper lash line is actually way more fun. I have become quite the expert when it comes to winged eye liner.  If you insist on lining your lower lash line however, then go for coloured liners, they are all the rage now too.

3. Define that eye girrrl!

So here’s an interesting trick, when lining your eyes. mimic the thickness or thinness of your frames. So if you’ve got thick frames, go to town with that liner! Also, try and use eye shadow colours that complement your frames, here neutral colours work amazingly! If your frames extend past your face then work that winged liner, else try not to extend your liner past your eyes as this might give you a ‘cut-off’ look. Defining your eyes is necessary because glasses tend to make your eyes look smaller.


4. Use a light concealer

If you use concealer, then it helps to use one that is slightly lighter than your normal one. Lenses do emphasize the under eye area, so a sheer, light reflective pigment concealer will  work like magic!


5. Bold Baby Bold!

Okay so technically this isn’t an ‘eye tip’, but it’s a necessary tip. Two words: Bold. Lip. yes, a bold lip (and I mean bold, so think reds, plums, pinks, corals, bold!) really transforms your face and takes the attention of our eyes. So change things up a bit and go bold!



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