My Style Crush- Style Diary

So I finally got around to getting this post done! I spoke to a beautiful, beautiful friend of mine that I’ve known for donkey years who has amazing style. She let me in on a few of her thoughts when it comes to fashion and beauty. What I love about her is that she is as beautiful on  the inside as she is on the outside, prepare to be wowed by the stunning Nangula Nanyemba!
1. Tell us about yourself, where you’re from, what you do?
My name is Nangula Nanyemba, I am from Namibia and I am currently studying Architectural Engineering.
2. What does beauty mean to you?
 I think beauty is an essence…an aura that captivates you and holds you in a moment of awe. Beauty is when you see a girl walking into a cafe as if she where floating on air and then she sits down and the way she speaks to the waiter makes you feel like she is the nicest person on earth because her smile is so enigmatic. Beauty is in a landscape that makes you hold your breath and reinstates that there is a God. Beauty is in a moment of sheer happiness when you see your lover after a long separation. 
3. What basic items must a woman always have in her closet?
Basic items? I think that every woman needs a great pair of dark wash blue denim jeans, (yes exactly like that) there is just something about a great pair of blue jeans…A white basic tank top. (I wear mine under all my blazers and of course with my denims…add gold hoops, gold sandals and your favorite handbag and you look like a million bucks.) I am so tempted to say a little black dress but I swear I never understood that. I would say a every woman should own a dress that makes her feel like she is a queen. Lastly (and i saved the best for last) every woman should have a fabulous fat day outfit…this could be a gorgeous maxi dress or jumpsuit, basically anything that covers you up but still makes you feel great. Like a fashion ‘pick-me-up’.
4. How would you describe your style?
My style is ever changing. That is the best way I could describe it because I love trends and I am always curious to try out the new ones. I love experimenting with my look.
5. Most valuable style secret?
Great (shape wear) underwear. It makes ALL the difference.
6. Style icon?
 I can’t say I really have one…but I do draw a lot of inspiration from an eclectic mix of gurus on the internet.
7. Favourite fashion designers or brands?
To be honest I don’t really have one. I love them each separately for different things. I love Polo luggage, Christian Louboutin and Giuseppe Zanotti for shoes (OF COURSE, I mean what girl doesn’t???).
8. Biggest fashion faux pas you have ever made? (or seen being made by someone else)
 I have made quite a few, but the one that springs to mind is two belts, I remember there was a time when girls where wearing two belts, one in the pants and the other around the waist. It was around the time when waist belts where the business. That was such an eyesore!
9. What is your most prized item? (shoes, clothes or accessories)
 I don’t agree with that idea. I don’t own anything that I couldn’t afford to loose. I think that the love for material possessions corrupts the moral integrity of someone. I mean if you can’t put into perspective that we are way more than the physical and more often than not, what lies on the other side of your physical…there in lies your riches. I mean yes I have a few (what I consider) treasures in my closet but these wouldn’t be my most prized possessions.
10. Trend forecast… what do you think are the hottest trends at the moment? 
 I am IN LOVE with dark lip shades for the winter and the fall. 
Isn’t she stunning? And her style is killer! Anyhoo, check back soon for a profile of another interesting, beautiful and super stylish lady!

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