Colour me beautiful

March is the month for all things hair ladies! And to kick things off, we are talking colour, hair colour. There is nothing as refreshing as getting a new hair colour. It just spruces your look up, ups your confident levels a little and just gets you into that superwoman mode.

Unfortunately, colour is a delicate process, while the right colour can work magic for you, the wrong one can well have drastic consequences. Using the wrong colour can detract from your beautiful features. So this post is focused on finding the right hair colour or shade of colour for ethnic women.

The first thing one has to consider when choosing a hair colour is you skin undertone. Some people have warm undertones, some have cool undertones. Most dark-skinned women tend to have warm undertones. A quick way to determine what you undertone is to simply go out into the sunlight and look at the veins in your wrist, if they appear blue then you have cool undertones, if they appear green, then you have warm undertones.

If you have never coloured your hair before the safest step would be to go for highlights, just as a starter and a way to get comfortable with colour.

The best hair colour for you if you have warm skin undertones would be most rich, dark shades. Your best bet would be a medium to dark golden brown, chestnut, honey brown, copper or mahogany. If you’re feeling adventurous you could even go for Red colours, some shades of red such as deep reds or burgundies work really well on warm undertones, especially warm undertones on ethnic skin.

If you want to try out blonde, you have to be very cautious, in my personal opinion blonde looks better on dark skin when it’s applied in streaks on golden brown hair or another kind of brown. Blonde is definitely very shaky ground for dark skinned women.

If you have cool undertones on the other hand, blonde, raven black, and ash brown are the colours for you! When picking blonde, it’s probably safer to go for a really loud blonde colour like platinum blonde because a lighter blonde could have end up giving your skin a washed out look. It would be best to avoid reds, and light browns because these added to your cool undertone will leave you looking pale and washed out.

That being said, the colouring process is very harsh on hair and so it is extremely important that you use a good conditioner on your after colouring it just to try and replace all the moisture lost.

Colouring your hair is a fun way to just get out there and do something new, so yes pick a colour and work it!!!


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