Beauty around the world- Beauty Secrets from Asia



Asian women have been known to have flawless skin… And rightly so. Going back thousands and thousands of years, Asian women have gone to great lengths to ensure that they’re skin is perfect. From milk baths, to detoxing teas and applying face cream with a patting motion. This week I went on a quick trip around Asia, from the comfort of my room and I discovered so many amazing things. It is no wonder that these ladies have known all about BB Creams for so long!


Underlying beauty for most Asian women is detoxing. The whole feeling good inside to look good outside phenomena is very true in Asia. 


Warm drinks v Cold drinks

Asian women are firm believers in drinking minimal cold drinks or anything cold, according to them, these drinks travel through your body solidifying the fats from food, making it harder for your body to digest the fats from food. Warm drinks on the other hand do the exact opposite. So drinking warm liquids like green tea and oolong tea is really big on their list. 


Camellia Nut Oil.

Until recently I had never even heard of this kind of oil. Turns out this is the whizz kid of hair oils. Camellia nut oil is a great scalp treatment which promotes health hair growth and shine, but what’s even better is that this oil doubles as a skin conditioner which you can use for your face and body!! Wait, there’s more!! This miracle oil can also be used for stretch marks or burn marks!


Olive oil

Asian ladies use olive oil in a slightly different way from the rest of us. They lightly saturate a cotton cloth with some olive oil, the cloth is then used to massage the eyelids and remove make up. Apparently this is very useful for maintaining youthful looking eyes!

Hibiscus hair shampoo.

 So apparently a Hibiscus is more than just a pretty flower.  In Indonesia, the leaves of the flower are crushed to make a sticky gel like substance. This is the boiled in a little bit of water, strained, leaving a mixture that is then used as shampoo.

Hibiscus has great healing and repair properties. Use this concoction on a regular basis and you might just see increased hair growth. This shampoo stops premature greying of hair and is an amazing conditioner.

Sea salt, Milk & Buttermilk

Sea salt baths and scrubs are very popular amongst Asian women as they draw out toxins from the body, leaving your skin looking more radiant and beautiful.  There are a number of recipes available online for body scrubs. A number of them include ingredients such as cinnamon, grated carrot and nutmeg. Mix these with water or oil and apply to your body for about 5-10 minutes and you will be well on your way to flawless skin.

In Indonesia, goat, sheep and cow milk is used in milk baths to make skin softer (This is the point where you can go tight ahead and make that spa booking!)


This is used for sunburn. Yes, a few refreshing slices of cucumber applied on the affected areas will have get rid of that sun burn.

So if you haven’t noticed by now, the Asian approach to beauty is really simple, holistic and most importantly NATURAL! These ladies definitely understand what it means to treat your body like a temple.






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