The Giving and Getting of Valentines Day

While it’s exactly the same as any other day, Valentines Day is a really big day for us believers. You’ve got an even better excuse to spoil and be spoiled!! There’s just something about everybody celebrating love on the same day all around the world that makes you feel all fuzzy and warm inside…especially considering all the war, hate and craziness prevalent all over the world.

So with no boyfriend around on Valentines Day, I decided to do a post on the giving and getting. What to get yourself on this day of love, and what to give.

1. Red lipstick.


This should be the year that you dare to try the red, the coral, the scarlet and every other cousin of the seductively colour that is red. No matter your skin colour, or complexion, there is a red lipstick out there with your name on it, find it, own it and WORK it!!!

2. A comfortable, sexy outfit.

There is nothing worse than someone moping around on Valentines’ Day… yes the shops have commercialised it so much blah,blah,blah, but the remember V-Day is about love, loving others, loving yourself and everything else. So get out there, max out the credit card a little bit and get a fabulous outfit.


3. Do something fun.

Take  a friend, your boyfriend, partner or even go alone. Do something crazy. Bungee jump, take a performance driving course in a sleek sexy Ferrari, volunteer in your community Do something that will just make you appreciate life and love a little more.

Okay… enough with the getting… now for the giving. I think the biggest thing you can give on Valentines’ Day is love. Spread a little love everywhere and anywhere. Smile at a stranger, help out someone in need, just give a little love.


Now I obviously couldn’t leave without giving you guys a dose of glam, and here it is, how to get Beyonce’s fabulous Inaugural Ball curls… the perfect Valentines Day hairstyle. To style your own locks in Beyoncé’s spiral curls, use a curling iron with an ultra thin barrel  or a curling wand. Start the waves at your bangs for extra volume! Curl down the length of your strands for a glam diva look. To keep your curls in place, set your style with a curl reviving mousse like Loreal’s Studio Line Springing curls mousse. Scrunch the mousse through your ends to add soft body and major volume without stickiness or crunchiness.



Till Next time Ladies!


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