Valentines Day Make Up

So Valentines Day is coming up… yes yes i am aware that so many people don’t buy in to the whole thing, but well I do. Even if I didn’t it would still be a cool way for me to get dolled up and try out a new make up look.

That being said, I tried out two lipstick colours that would be perfect for Valentines Day, and at the same time I finally got to use my new smokey eye palette from Gosh Cosmetics.

So this is me with no make up, just some lip gloss.


The first lipstick that I used has to be my favourite, it is the Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in No. 671 Mink Creme. It is a very nude colour which really helps tone down any dramatic make up look.


The other lipstick I used is also by Revlon, and is also from their Super Lustrous line, its is No. 720, Fire and Ice. It is a very strong red that definately pops. I know some people are afraid of the huge contrast between their skin tone and red, but I think that if you find the right red for you, you’ll look amazing.


The other products that I used that are worth mentioning are the Gosh Cosmetics Smokey eye palette in Black which has a handy guide


I also used a midnight blue eyeliner from Avon’s Colour Trend line


So those are the stand out products I used, in addition to the basics which are essentially my Clinique Stay Matte Sheer Powder in Brandy, My Avon Arabian Glow Bronzing pearls, My Avon Extreme Extend Mascara, My Yardley StayFast Concealer in dark and of course my Gosh Lip Glaze for that extra kick!

The final product was not too shabby for a make up novice like myself, but hey here it is:




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