Washing the ‘fro

So Friday was wash day, and what an occasion it was. For those of you who don’t know, I recently cut my about shoulder length hair off, leaving only a teeny weeny afro. My biggest reason for chopping my locks off is because they were in such an unhealthy state, so yeah, I’ve gone back to the drawing board.


Ethnic hair in it’s natural state can be quite tricky, but it’s all about adapting your hair practices and well making it WORK!! So wash day is a big day for my hair, I spend about three hours just washing and treating it.

Step 1: Pre-poo with Virgin olive oil. I heat up some olive oil and I pour it all over my hair. This helps soften the hair and makes detangling a million times easier. What’s the point you ask? Well once you get to shampooing your hair is untangled, with no chance of matting and any harshness resulting from sulfates or anything in your shampoo is countered.


Step 2: Wash and Condition. I am trying out a new shampoo and conditioner that I bought at Clicks the other day, it’s (so they say) predominantly natural and it has no sulfates.


Step 3: Most people don’t do it the way I do, but I prefer my way. I deep condition with the Organics Hair Mayonnaise. I apply to my hair and let it sit for about an hour.Image

Step 4: Then finally, I oil my scalp with Coconut Oil, I also apply some of this to my actual hair. I love that the coconut oil is really light and doesn’t make my hair feel all greasy and heavy. When all that is done, I flat twist, tie a scarf over my head and I am good to go!



2 thoughts on “Washing the ‘fro

  1. Hi Nekwaya, could you please do an update on how your hair regimen has been working out for you? I’m specially interested in hearing feedback on the new shampoo and conditioner from clicks. Went looking for it just the other here at our local clicks shops and I found none. Thank you and it up.

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