Beauty around the world- Beauty Secrets from Brazil


Brazilian women have been envied by women around the world for years. You can’t have a conversation about beauty without throwing Brazil in a few times.  The women always seem to have that x-factor going on for them. Armed with my monthly internet quota I searched the internet for their beauty secrets. This post is dedicated to what I found out.


  1. Sugaring- This is a method used by Brazilian women to remove unwanted body hair. So it’s similar to waxing but they use a mixture that can be whipped up easily at home. All you need to do is to boil some sugar in water with a little lemon juice. Allow the mixture to cool, slap on the unwanted hair and use it as you would wax.  Sugaring is somewhat less painful then waxing and the results last anywhere from two to six weeks, also, it’s INEXPENSIVE!!
  2. Beach Sand! Yes, Beach Sand!! It’s a common practise in Brazil for  women to rub sand onto their bodies at the beach. This stimulates and smoothens the skin while reducing cellulite.
  3. Carrot Juice and Beet Juice- As nasty as that sounds, it would seem drinking carrot and beet juice regularly is what gives Brazilian women’s skin that oh so amazing glow they always seem to have. Beet juice apparently stimulates circulation.
  4. Babassu Oil- BAH-BAH-SOO oil from the Babassu tree is native to Brazil. It its actually quite similar to Coconut oil. It’s non greasy and can be used as a bath oil, moisturiser, or even as a massage oil.
  5. Coconut Water- Apparently drinking coconut water is really good for you. It is low in fat, high in electrolytes, and tastes amazing.
  6. The Brazilian Butt Lift- No, this is not a new type of cosmetic surgery!!! This is actually a workout now with a global following. It was created by Leandro ‘The Buttmaster’ Carvalho, who combines Brazilian dance and body sculpting moves to help followers lift their bums without bulking their thighs
  7. Acai Berry- This is another native plant of Brazil that many women eat as a high energy snack. It’s got tons of antioxidants and it has anti-ageing properties.

Safe to say, the ladies in Brazil have got this whole beauty thing down!! However they do have an unfair advantage because almost half of Brazil is covered by the Amazon so a lot of their beauty products are natural and organic and just well awesome.

What really sets them apart (aside from the gorgeous skin, hair and amazing bodies) is their confidence! These women have so much confidence they can wear a paper bag with so much confidence you’d think it was the latest offering from Gucci or something. That said, you can have all the makeup, beauty products and secrets from all over the world, but that would never make up for a lack of confidence. So ladies, arm yourselves with these awesome beauty tips, a whole lot of confidence, and believe me, the world is at your feet!!!



One thought on “Beauty around the world- Beauty Secrets from Brazil

  1. I can’t say I have seen a brazilian woman rubbing sand on themselves at the beach… however you are so right about the confidence! Brazilian bikinis take a lot of confidence to wear and there doesn’t seem to be an age limit for wearing them either! I think the sun makes people more care-free 🙂

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