Year of The Snake

Snake? What snake??? I like to picture everyone asking that… Truth is there is no snake, or at least no live snake, just a Chinese Zodiac Calendar that says’s 2013 is the year of the snake.


Now what would a snake have in common with well a beauty blogger like myself or even beauty at that? Well nothing REALLY… Except for snakeskin. They rock snakeskin, and so do we. I’ll be honest, I’m scared scared of snakes, like I won’t stand around to see whether it’s poisonous or not, I’m pulling some Usain Bolt stunts…fast.


Here’s the thing though, most Christian kids are familiar with the story of how the snake in the Garden of Eden was cursed to basically eat dust and crawl on it’s belly for the rest of eternity. Thousands of years later, the snake is still crawling on it’s belly, still eating dust, still ‘being’. The point I am trying to make is that a creature that was scared and is shunned my so many people is still around and alive doing it’s thing. Drawing a parallel from this, I figured, why is it then that people like us who are privileged and blessed in so many ways unable to keep going, when the going gets tough???


So I thought about this and realized there is really no reason for any one person to ever feel defeated. Long story short, I decided to not make any NewYear’s resolutions but to rather keep at what I’d been doing the past year. To put it differently my New Year’s resolution was to persevere. That’s it.


In 2012, my resolutions were in a nutshell, to get healthy and get my drivers’ license. Well I got my learners’ permit, so that was halfway in the bag, the other half I’ll work on this year in 2013. I had put together a fitness plan for myself, I just never made it to the gym…well this year I’m actually going to the gym.


I’ll be updating you guys weekly on my progress.


Okay, now moving on fro the mushy, soul searching stuff. I’ll be introducing a monthly series focusing on certain aspects of beauty that (I promise) you will love love! I’m still in the early stages of putting everything together, I can’t wait to tell you guys more!


Anyhoo that is my rant for the day.


Stay beautiful!




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