Quick Beauty Fixes

Hello everyone!

So this week, I thought I’d do a post on an issue that really irks me. No, it’s not acne or anything else dodgy. Let me explain it to you guys this way:

You’re going out somewhere nice with some friends or a tall, dark handsome man. You leave home looking amazing, flawless skin, kissable lips and you smell divine. You get to the restaurant/club and all eyes are on you and best believe you are working it!

Fast forward to 3 hours later, you’ve had a few drinks, danced a little, bumped up against people and well you don’t look amazing anymore. Now in a perfect world, you’d walk to the ladies’ room where you’d find your entire makeup AND perfume collection (maybe a comfy pair of flat shoes). You’d freshen up and BAM! Hello Amazing!

But unfortunately all you’ve managed to squeeze into that cute little envelope clutch without making it look too bulky is your ATM card (for emergencies), some gloss and maybe if you’re lucky your compact powder. Now try putting fabulous back together with only that, it’s like, like, I don’t know, recreating the Mona Lisa with only the Black, White and Grey crayons!!!

So I compiled this list of five quick beauty fixes. I mean these are so quick your date won’t think you’ve bailed and your girls won’t think you’ve passed out in the bathroom.

  1. Use a little foundation on your lips before applying your lipstick, it helps it last longer, and will allow you to eat, drink (maybe smooch) the night away ;p
  2. Cotton Ear Buds!! These little things are your friend!! They are super tiny so they can pretty much fit in any purse. They are pretty useful when you wanna fix runny mascara or eye shadow that’s all over the place. You just roll the ear bud over the smudged mascara or eye liner or whatever and you are good to go.
  3. VASELINE!!! They make them in the tiniest tubs now and in all sorts of flavours to. This stuff is awesome because not only does it work for your lips, but it can be used on any other part of your body too (lizard skin, hint-hint).
  4. Samples! Yes, those samples that are all over most magazines… yup, they fit perfectly into your clutch, and they honestly don’t take up any space at all!
  5. The Shine factor:  To combat shininess, just grab some tissue paper from the bathroom, use the inward facing side to lightly dab at the shiny parts of your face and you will be shine free. If you’re OCD like that, you could just bring a few sheets of tissue paper of your own (We don’t judge out here).

BONUS Fix: I can never stress this enough: Always bring an extra scrunchie or hair band or bobby pins. I can’t say how many times I’ve gone out dancing and after a while it gets too hot and your once luscious long curls are really just a nuisance. So twist your hair into a high bun, secure it with a hair band or bobby pins and you’re hair problem is solved and you still look super chic!


Anyhoo, those are my quick fixes, I hope they come in handy to you guys.

Til next time




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