Best of 2012

The Best of 2012

So as the year draws to an end, I figured that it was only right that this week’s post listed my top ten favourite moments, happenings and BEAUTY products of 2012 of course!

At NUMBER 10… is a moment. Barack Obama re-elected for a second term. Yes I know really it doesn’t make an difference to my life but the inspirational and  motivational value that came with that re-election was overwhelming.

NUMBER NINE has to go to Miss SOLANGE KNOWLES. This lady who had really always been a little under the radar exploded onto the fashion and beauty scene in a ball of fabulousness. (Does that even make sense? Yes? No?)



At NUMBER EIGHT is a tiny little tube of lipstick from M.A.C. cosmetics. What’s amazing about this lipstick, is the colour… Nicki Minaj pink!!! That’s like the best pink out there, so yes, VIVA GLAM NICKI is beyond awesome, plus it brings my multiple personalities (ala Nicki) out.



PEPLUMS come in at NUMBER SEVEN. Shout out to this trend, providing the illusion of curves to those without them, and accentuating the curves of those who already have curves.

At NUMBER SIX is the Ombre trend. In 2011, people limited the Ombre to hair, well in 2012 it was Ombre hair, lips, nails and clothes too. I love it!


tumblr_m0zauqT2cu1rrnal6o1_1280 (1)



NUMBER FIVE is reserved for statement collars and vintage (and new) chokers. I got an brassy/coppery/brownish one from my mom, she wore it back when she was a fine young thing like me!

Coming in at NUMBER FOUR is the bushy/ wolf eyebrow trend. I have thick eyebrows, and  to be honest I hate my monthly threading sessions. Thanks to this trend, a quick pluck here and there and I am on that sexy she-wolf tip!

Now for the top 3…

NUMBER THREE has to be BEAUTY BULLETIN!!!  My one stop place for reviews, awesome competitions and the latest beauty news. I love love it!!

At NUMBER TWO we have Bronzing Pearls! I don’t know how I ever lived without them before. Like I would marry them if that weren’t illegal. (Is it really illegal tho???)

And now for the NUMBER ONE SPOT!

This goes to the product that most women around the world have been gushing about: BB Cream!! Different brands and prices, but one thing that is constant across the board is amazing skin!


So there you have it! The Best of 2012, from the perspective of a law student who doesn’t really have that much of a life!


Merry Christmas and  A blessed New Years!

Til Next time xoxo


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